JAQX Home Security Tips: What Burglars Steal and Where They Look


If you’re going to protect your home and valuables, you need to know what burglars steal and where they look. Most burglars are just lazy thieves who prefer items that are easy to carry and sell quickly.  For example, a single diamond ring is not only easy to carry, but can be worth a dozen used TVs. 

But don’t confuse laziness with efficiency. The average burglary takes less than 10 minutes because most thieves have their wish list of items to steal and where to find them;

  • Cash
  • Small electronics, like laptops, gaming systems, and tablets
  • Guns
  • Jewelry
  • Liquor
  • Medication
  • Personal identification: Stealing your identity means the thief can keep coming back for more without an in-person visit.

Most people keep valuables in their bedrooms, so burglars usually make that their first stop. They’ll be sure to check the dresser, closet and even the medicine cabinet to looking for valuable loot.

Kid’s bedrooms are often stocked with electronic games, computers and other sought-after items. Then there’s the family living room, home office, or study. Those are great places to find personal financial information, and more electronics. If there’s time, the burglar may detour through the basement or garage on the way out. Power tools and other small items are anonymous and easy to pawn.

Protect your home with a JAQX Secured Smart Home.

Over 80% of would-be burglars said that they would leave immediately if they detected an alarm system in place.  The rest would try to disable alarm systems by smashing the security panel or turning off the power.  Those tactics don’t work with JAQX, as our Smart Hub replaces the bulky wall panel and can be placed in a more hidden location.  Additionally our 24 hour battery and cellular back up system can keep your home safe even when the power is out.

Now that you know what burglars steal and where they look, you can make their work more difficult by installing a security system like JAQX, while keeping personal valuables and information stored in less obvious places like a locked filing cabinet or home safe.

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