Are you ready for a smart home?


If you’re ready turn your home into a smart home, you’re likely doing so because of 3 factors…fear, fun, and function.


• Security System: Naturally, this is the most practical place to start if you’re concerned about the safety of your home and family. You’ll want a system that can be monitored and controlled remotely by you and a professional monitoring service; is easy to use for every member of the family; and is compatible with other types of home technology systems, like lighting control systems and heating and cooling systems.

• Electronic Door Lock: Requiring no keys, these locks are particularly helpful to parents of latchkey kids. The door can be opened by punching in a secret passcode, which you set up and can change at any time. You can receive a notification on your smartphone when the lock is disengaged so that you know the second your kids are home from school. And if they forget to lock the house back up, you can handle it right from a smartphone app.

• Surveillance Camera: Seeing is believing, and there’s no better way to keep tabs on the happenings in and around your house than with an Internet-connected surveillance camera. Look for one with 2-way microphone and a motion sensor, so that you can speak with whoever triggered the motion.


• Integrated Home Control: The beauty of a home control system like JAQX is its ability to make individual technologies perform in unison. While this feature in and of itself might not be what most would consider fun, it definitely inspires fun by enabling you to prepare your house at the touch of a button for an impromptu gathering of friends, an elaborate dinner party, a birthday celebration, the Super Bowl, the holidays … really any occasion you can think of. In an instant, the lights, the music, the temperature, and the TVs are ready for whatever fun-filled activity you have planned.


• Lighting and Shading Controls: Often deemed the cornerstones of a smart house, being able to conveniently control lights and motorized windows shades makes your home so much easier to manage, not to mention helps save electricity and enhances comfort. A JAQX wireless smart home system allows you to focus on one room or the entire house.

• Smart Thermostat: Everyone wants to feel comfortable at home, and this boils down to the thermostat on the wall. It determines how and when your home’s HVAC unit operates, and if that thermostat is difficult to deal with … well, your HVAC will probably have a difficult time delivering the perfect indoor climate. Swapping your old dumb thermostat for a new smart one is an easy, affordable update that makes your HVAC system function efficiently without sacrificing any of your comfort.

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