The DIY Smart Home – Understanding Home Automation


Understanding Home Automation

By Chris Pulichino / JAQX CMO

Home automation, which has now been around for some time, is designed to make your life easier.  With home automation we can now do so much with our homes than we weren’t able to before, but it’s difficult to know which systems and automation to use, since there are now so many. It is entirely dependent on what you want for yourself.   Here are some examples of small home automation to start with.



Smart plugs are one of the first things that people should think about. Smart plugs are not specifically home automation on their own – they turn other equipment into home automation. Using a smart plug means that you can turn a lamp or a light into a smart device by giving it greater abilities.  A lamp can be switched on remotely using this plug.  Smart plugs are good for people who are new to home automation, and is why JAQX includes a smart plug in every package.



A smart thermostat is something that most people living in a smart home have.  It is a thermostat which allows for greater control over your heating and cooling.  They can be controlled remotely, which many people find to be helpful. Smart thermostats mean that people can manage their energy service to a far greater extent than they otherwise could – they can save money on heating and cooling by switching it on and off when they need to. Think of a day when you will be late home. Rather than wasting the heat because it will come regardless, you can switch it off.


Lights can be automated on a variety of levels. They can be run on events so that they turn on or off at specific times or they can be set up with a “movie night” scene so that certain lights turn off when the TV comes on. They can be attached to motion sensors, to go on when someone enters a room, and go off when they leave.  Smart lights is often one of the first systems people go for, which is why every JAQX package includes a Smart Light Bulb.



Remote control is one of the hallmarks of home automation. Being able to control things remotely is very useful – what if you forget to lock your door, or put the lights off? Rather than needing to leave it, or take time out of your day to fix it, remote control allows you to fix the problem from where you are. 

Remote controls can be integrated with anything, from security systems to thermostats. They allow you to control your home much more effectively, since they give you greater power to change things without even needing to be there. In some cases, it can also make you safer. A remotely controlled security system could be set up to allow people inside the house to see who is outside before they come to the door, and more.

There are so many different types of home automation systems, that everyone will be able to find something. Home automation is something which is easy to get started in. It simply relies on what you want for your house. Home automation has something for everyone, and there are plenty of projects to help you get started. Whichever project you choose, it should be one which fits in with your already established lifestyle, and then you can work from there.



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