A JAQX Smart Home

JAQX is Where the Smart Is

Not too long ago, the idea of controlling your home’s lighting, thermostat, security and appliances from almost anywhere was fantastical.

With JAQX, however, what seemed impossible yesterday, is entirely possible today.

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JAQX is a smart home automation system that will revolutionize how you enjoy and interact with your home.


Arm and disarm your security system remotely.


Unlock any connected door using only your smartphone


Easily turn on your lights remotely in advance of your arrival home.


Adjust the thermostat to help save on utility bills or to have a comfortable environment when you get home.


Access appliances from anywhere, or set schedules to turn them on/off automatically.


Control your home entertainment system with the touch of a button.


Get notifications via email, text, phone or access real-time video clips when an alarm is triggered.


Remotely peek in on the kids or see who’s at the door via live streaming video on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Ready to see how JAQX will change your world?

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