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What we believe in.

These principles guide everything we do at JAQX.

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Openness & Honesty

Obviously we are big proponents of the smart home revolution. Because of that, we don’t believe we need to “hard sell” JAQX to anyone. We believe that when conversations are conducted in an open and honest way, anything is possible.

Smart ≠ intimidating

We are very proud of our technology, but we’re even more proud of how easy it is to use. After all, the real measure of any great technology is how impactful it can be to real people and how easily it’s able to integrate into people’s lives.

Helping is the best policy

Our top priority is to be helpful. Yes, JAQX is a smart home system that is really easy to use; but questions are inevitable. That’s why our friends and family network is so important. They are there to help every step of the way.


It’s vitally important that all our customers feel comfortable with their JAQX home automation system. That means never being afraid to discuss anything that’s confusing or hard to understand. After all, JAQX is here to make you feel safe and in control.

The JAQX Compensation Plan

Our compensation plan is designed to support you and your vision. You can make as much as you "earn," based on your enthusiasm for JAQX and your ability to build and lead a team.

This opportunity is just that—An opportunity. Maybe you just want a smart home for yourself and to recommend them to others occasionally. Maybe you would like to gather enough JAQX customers to pay off some debt. Or, maybe you would like to pursue your own personal vision of what financial freedom looks like.

Whatever your goals are, we’re here to support you. And while we don’t guarantee financial success, we do offer a culture of family, integrity, fun and leadership development.

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